Dear world builder, The marketplace is under attack.

Inflation rates are skyrocketing…supply chain issues have led to a severe shortage in raw materials. And it’s never been harder to find workers.

Make no mistake, there is more external pressure on your business today than ever before.

You must change faster than the market or risk drowning in a sea of slow movers.

You’ve got to squeeze every ounce of profit into your bottom line.

Your team must step up and get more done faster than they’ve done it before.

And you, as a leader, must be decisive at every turn.

Indecision is a slow death.

But how exactly are you supposed to combat these problems when your day is already packed to the gills with a million things competing for your attention?

If you could just get a silent hour to think.

How about
three days?

In the exclusive company of other high-level business leaders…

…with elite speakers who’ve been read by millions in Forbes and impacted hundreds of thousands with their ideas on stage.

All led by a woman who the New York Yankees trusted to get the maximum mental performance from their players and staff.

What could you take away with a lineup like that?

For starters … certainty.

You'll leave with:
No fluff.

All high-level, actionable frameworks and takeaways are packed into three days.
We’ve created an intimate environment to ensure you get the maximum value and impact from your time with us.

This means we have extremely limited capacity for this event.

We simply don’t have enough room for everyone who’ll want to attend, especially with the value to cost ratio we’ve cooked up.

If this sounds like what you want and you’re hell-bent on bringing your business to the next level in 2022…we’d love to see you in Sacramento, CA on June 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

Admission to this elite event is by application only.

Click the button below and apply today!


Lauren is a mental performance coach and keynote speaker. Prior to opening her own consulting practice, Lauren served as the Mental Conditioning Coordinator for the New York Yankees. She received her master’s degree in Performance Psychology from National University. Lauren helps elite individuals develop mental toughness so they can perform their best regardless of circumstance.

Travis Thomas is the Creator of Live Yes, And – a company dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and companies discover their brilliance by focusing on purpose, culture, and collaboration. He is the author of the book “3 Words for Getting Unstuck: Live Yes, And,” and he has delivered his message to schools and companies all over the
US, as well as sports organizations including the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, and the University of Georgia football. He is currently the Leadership and Team Dynamics for the US Men’s National Soccer Team. He is also a professor for The Watson Institute at Lynn University in Florida. Travis infuses his talks and message with the principles of improvisation to demonstrate how high-performing teams and cultures use the power of relationship and collaboration in order to achieve peak performance. Travis is also the co-founder of The Jove Comedy and performs regularly in Palm Beach. He lives in Jupiter, FL with his wife and three kids.


As a Certified Mental Performance Coach, Lindsay knows the effort that is required to pursue excellence. Through experience of working with athletes, military, and corporations, her work is dedicated to cultivating potential. In addition to owning her own coaching and consulting company, Lindsay works as the Leadership Development Lead at a Mid-West energy company.She also serves as a Peak Performance Coach for BetterUp. Before joining the energy industry, as a training representative in 2016, Lindsay worked as a Master Resilience Trainer-Performance Expert for the U.S. Army for 6 years. She also served as a mentor for students of Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Denver and John F. Kennedy University. She is working toward an Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Leadership through Creighton, holds a M.A. in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver, and a B.A. in Psychology from Washburn University.

Nick Cavuoto is a speaker and business mentor who specializes in deep coaching,personal branding, high-performance leadership. He’s been hired by some of today’s most influential Fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, Pandora, Paychex, in addition to top business experts like Todd Herman, Scott Oldford, and Mike Kim. For years he was a Marketing Executive of successful Fortune 500 brands and Technology Startups in New York, Boston, and Denver. Nowadays you’ll find him speaking at conferences, hosting masterminds, and leading his family of 5—all while mentoring today’s emerging business leaders and teaching everything he knows about branding, entrepreneurship, and life through his new podcast, Mentoring Millions®


Val Brown is an Emmy award winning producer, change catalyst, communication coach and organization development consultant. Val helps high performers focus, define and distill their unique story to support their business goals and strategy. She’s interviewed and developed stories for hundreds of entrepreneurs, experts and business leaders and coached them on how to tell their story on camera and in person.

Using her blend of communicaton, coaching and business skills, she helps high performers discover what’s holding thme back from authentically telling their story and aligning it with their business goals and strategy. She shares tips and behind-the scenes secrets from her more than 30-year career in television on her podcast, Camera Ready with Val Brown. When she’s not helping her clients develop their stories and strategies, she’s either walking on the beach in north San Diego County or working in her garden.

Devesh Dwivedi is dedicated to empowering and supporting entrepreneurs in becoming financially savvy and happy business owners. He is a business strategist, money wizard, excel nerd, problem solver, and believes that the only way to success is by staying true to oneself. Devesh coaches 7, 8, & 9 figure entrepreneurs, influencers, and business leaders personally and has coached in programs like Scott Oldford’s Project Nuclear, Austin Netzley’s Scale2X, and Zion Kim’s 1MT – Team Human.

WHAT: Elite by Choice for Professionals
WHERE: The Union Hotel, Sacramento, CA
WHEN: June 23rd, 24th & 25th
Attendance by application only.





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